Cycling on the Braamfontein Spruit

Cycling and specifically mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports and pastimes in South Africa.  Mountain biking is a pastime that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts, competitors and families alike.  However it is difficult to find anywhere that is safe, convenient and accessible in Johannesburg.

Many cyclists would like to spend an hour or so after work to exercise and families would enjoy time together on the weekend without having to drive to far to enjoy the outdoors.  With the rate of development and the current crime situation in Johannesburg, there are very few facilities that provide this infrastructure.  The Braamfontein Spruit is one of these rare jewels, not only from a cyclist’s perspective, but also from the perspectives of walkers, dog walkers, runners and bird-lovers.

Cycling on the roads is becoming more dangerous and with the current levels of congestion cyclists need a safe environment in which to cycle. Johannesburg has a multitude of parks that are ideal for recreational and family cycling.  Many of these parks have existing trails that are used on a regular basis by cyclists and walkers alike and provide the thousands of cyclists and walkers pleasurable exercise opportunities.

However as a result of sustained use, weather and other factors such as littering and at times vandalism, these trails deteriorate and there are some sections that can become congested or create conflict between users.  The Johannesburg Mountain Bike Advocacy Group (“JMBAG”) under the guidance of African Mountain Bike Association (“AMA”) and with the kind endorsement of the Johannesburg City Parks (“JCP”), propose to assist JCP with the maintenance, improvement, upgrading and extension of some of these trails.

The envisaged trails cater for cyclists of all ages to use, free from danger of traffic, in safety and convenience.  The trails will be simple enough for beginners and children but with sufficient options and variety to be entertaining and challenging for more advanced cyclists too.

With this in mind, the JMBA has developed a mission whereby we would like:-

  • To work in conjunction with City Parks, local residents, local government and cycling clubs to establish a sustainable multi-use Mountain bike trail
  • To encourage the increased use of the parks, to create awareness of the parks and improve safety within the parks.
  • To encourage shared use of parks and trails and foster a spirit of co-operation and ownership of the parkland between all park users.

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