Who Are Mountain Bikers


Profile of Mountain bikers

Johannesburg based mountain bikers in general are law-abiding citizens.  Many are nature lovers and keen conservationists.  As with any group of people, there will be some individuals who seen to be anti-social and/or destructive.  Fortunately these elements are in the minority and are actively discouraged by other mountain bikers.  The trails we want to contribute to will be unlikely to attract such “undesirables”.

It is our experience that the most likely people to use the Braamfontein trails on a regular basis will be of all ages with the majority falling between the ages of 24 – 50.  These people are mostly homeowners within Johannesburg.

Johannesburg based mountain bikers are generally health orientated and want to cycle for fitness and entertainment.  Parents would like to bring their children to the parks to enjoy these trails and have time together as a family which is fast becoming a rarity in the modern society.

Mountain bikers subscribe to the commonly accepted  “Rules of the trail” which are:

1. Ride on open Trails only

2. Leave No Trace

3. Control Your Bicycle

4. Yield to Others

5. Never Scare Animals

6. Plan Ahead


2 comments to Who Are Mountain Bikers

  • Guillaume VERLEY


    I would like to know how do we get the the mountain bike trails on the spruit ? What are the direction ? Where can we park ? Is there a plan of the trails ?

    Many thanks


  • admin

    Hi Guilaume

    There are many points to ride the spruit, I would recommend parking at Frattellis in Blairgowrie.

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