The Spruit

The ridges known as the Witwatersrand form one of the main watersheds in the Rep of SA. The name means ridge of white waters, for the early travellers found 14 streams rising from these rocky ridges. These streams feed into 2 major river systems, namely the Limpopo and Orange Rivers.

The Braamfontein Spruit rises in Hillbrow, as a spring. The Spruit flows northwards and is joined by the Montgomery and Westdene Spruits below Emmarentia Dam. It continues on its way through Victory Park, Parkhurst, Craighall Park, Craighall, Glenadrienne and Bryanston joining the Klein Jukskei in Sunninghill. Together they join the Jukskei at Leeukop and continue to the Crocodile River which flows into Hartebeestpoort Dam.

The Braamfontein Spruit has its source in Braamfontein as the name implies. Technically it is the source of the Limpopo river but personally I prefer tha name as it is. The braamfontein Spruit is used by hikers, dog walkers, cyclists and commuters on a daily basis it is a magnificent asset to the people of Johannesburg. The Braamfontein Spruit is Johannesburgs central Park and should be kept in as natural state as possible.

There are a number of groups, communities and clubs and volunteers  of various descriptions who have through the years been doing valuable work along the spruit removing refuse and pollution, maintaining features and repairing eroded areas. All af the groups have been doing valuable work but it is often localised and sometimes the work goes unrecognized.

We now have a forum that all members of the public can use to communicate events, projects and goals and enable debate and feedback on these issues. This is not to replace any of the localised websites but rather to supplement and broaden the exposure of these sites.

This is not a site for complaints and accusations but where we pool ideas and find creative ways of working with the city to achieve common goals. It is best to suggest practical solutions that are within the scope of the relevant departments, within the laws, local bylaws and sustainable.